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Fast Relief Acupuncture In Bergen County, NJ Specializes in Sports Related Injuries

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What is Fast Relief Acupuncture?

Korean Fast Relief Acupuncture

Fast Relief Acupuncture is an Acupuncture method developed by team doctors from Korea’s national sports teams who  compete in international events. These doctors, developed a very unique and efficient system of treatment which not only increases the athlete’s performance but reduce recovery time from injuries. I am now offering this unique treatment to you in the Bergen County, NJ, in hopes of eliminating pain in a timely manner and also to improve your functionality on your day to day living!

Our Specialties

Migraine Relief

Migraine Relief

Suffering from migraines can cause debilitating pain that hinders daily function and activities. Fast Relief Acupuncture possesses extensive knowledge and skills geared toward providing outstanding results for your migraine relief.

SAAT Allergy Treatments

SAAT is useful in treating almost any negative immune-response allergy/sensitivity

Posture Treatments

John Kim is a Postural Neurologist certified by the world-renowned American Posture Institute.

Korean Sports Medicine

Korean Sports Medicine (KSM) is an innovative treatment approach to sports related injuries.  In most sports injuries, the lack of proper contraction of the muscle or muscles due to trauma or overuse can lead to restricted movements of the body.

Electro Acupuncture


Our bodies are mostly made up of electron (negative) and proton (positive) electricity. It is due to these charges that help us move our body with ease and helps us function at an optimal level.

Meet John Kim

I perform acupuncture, dry needling, trigger/ motor point releases using fine, sterilized filiform needles. I also incorporate cupping, electro- acupuncture, and massage therapy to help you get the Fast Relief you deserve!