Expert Acupuncturist John Kim specializes in migraine relief

Fred M.

John has done a remarkable job on my neck and back. I walked in to his office with a chronic stiff neck and headaches. After a few treatments I have much more movement. I feel fantastic, more energy, better focus and a general feeling of balance. Thank You John, You are a True Healer.

John Kim

Migraine Relief Specialist

Suffering from migraines can cause debilitating pain that hinders daily function and activities. Fast Relief Acupuncture possesses extensive knowledge and skills geared toward providing outstanding results for your migraine relief.

Here at Fast Relief Acupuncture, we believe that...

“Healing begins with a PASSION for COMMITMENT to facilitate GROWTH and achieve RESULTS!


Fast Relief Acupuncture is built upon the foundation of passion for natural healing through the administration of acupuncture treatments. Our staff includes highly experienced Acupuncturists who provide an array of treatments but specialize in finding clients relief from acute or chronic migraines.

If you bring your passion for finding migraine relief, we will match that passion with friendly and thorough services.


Fast Relief Acupuncture is committed to pushing you toward the finish line, where you’re bound to win a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. John Kim will get to know your unique needs, symptoms, and migraine triggers, enabling him to develop an in-depth treatment plan with an end goal of complete relief.
Lasting migraine relief is not typically achieved during just one appointment. To obtain the best results, continuous acupuncture treatment is recommended until the symptoms are fully relieved. If you can commit to a healthier lifestyle, Fast Relief Acupuncture can commit to relieving your migraine symptoms, fast!


Although primarily known for sports related acupuncture therapy, Fast Relief Acupuncture has extensively grown as a specialist in migraine relief. With past and current patients, our Acupuncturists have treated migraines sufficiently and cost effectively.

Fast Relief Acupuncturists are sure to grow their knowledge through continued education and practice for migraine relief through acupuncture. As you grow toward healing, our Acupuncturists keep up to date with the appropriate physician-led recommendations and guidelines.

About John Kim

My name is John Kim, a licensed acupuncturist in the great state of NJ and NY. Since 2000, I have worked, learned, and honed my skills in search of providing the most effective acupuncture treatments in providing pain relief.  I am proud to introduce Fast Relief Acupuncture, a combination of modern sports medicine techniques that help with not only pain relief but also provide faster recovery from injuries along with increased athletic performance!

Why Fast Relief Acupunture? Results!

Results are just as important to our me as they are to you! Our office is highly committed to working hard to achieve the results that you desire for your migraine relief.

What Are You Waiting For? Migraine Relief Is Just A Call Away