What is Auricular/ Ear Acupuncture and how can it help me?

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Auricular/ Ear acupuncture is a subset of acupuncture that focuses on treating any disorders of the body through the ear. According to Chinese medicine, the ear represents the human body in an ‘upside’ down form where specific regions of the ear represent specific areas of the body. However, a French physician by the name of Dr. Paul Nogier in the 1950’s, further expanded on the studies and the effectiveness of Auricular acupuncture where he discovered that certain electrical frequencies on the surface of the ear can promote healing of the human body. By using these proper, corresponding frequencies on the ear, it can promote treatment of musculo-skeletal pain, mental disorders such as anxiety or depression, addiction of nicotine and/or food, and many other disorders.​

​While most auricular acupuncture does involve the use of the needles or tacks, Fast Relief Acupuncture does not use needles on the surface of the ear for the simple fact that it hurts! Instead we at Fast Relief Acupuncture utilize a cutting edge device that delivers the proper frequencies to the ear to ensure the most effective results! The use of the machine and procedure is so non invasive, safe, and painless that even children and pregnant women can be treated without any complications.

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