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What is Korean Sports Medicine?

Korean Sports Medicine (KSM) is an innovative treatment approach to sports related injuries.  In most sports injuries, the lack of proper contraction of the muscle or muscles due to trauma or overuse can lead to restricted movements of the body. Due to these restrictions, the body does not have full range of motion which can cause physical injuries such strains, sprains, and pains.

The initial goal of KSM is to get the body moving i.e. getting the body back to its natural, unrestricted range of motion. With quick and precise insertion of acupuncture needles at specific body sites, the patient will notice an immediate improvement on their overall range of motion!

This new approach to acupuncture was developed by team doctors (mostly acupuncturists) in Korea who treat athletes in international competitions such as the Olympics and the World Cup. When an athlete gets injured during competition play, not only does the athlete want to come back and compete but they are also expected to play by their team, as well. Unlike a traditional acupuncture treatment where the patient gets a typical 30 to 45 minute treatment, these injured athletes are not afforded that luxury and need a treatment that will help them perform back into competition within minutes.

While acupuncture and acupuncture needling is the primary choice of treatment within the KSM system, they also vitally incorporate other therapies such as a gentle manual therapy known as Chun- na and Balance taping. All three of these modalities can aid not only in increase of range of motion but also leads to a decrease in overall body pain.

John Kim, L.Ac. at Fast Relief Acupuncture has completed the prestigious Korean Sports Medicine program. Having undergone rigorous and thorough program, he now brings this unique and effective treatment methods to help improve your condition whether you are an athlete or not.

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