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Experiencing Posture Issues While Working or Taking Classes from Home?

The current pandemic has changed the way Americans go about daily life. From work to school, many adults and children find themselves behind makeshift workstations at home, not designed for ergonomic or long-term use. These workstations are not properly equipped / designed to support the body for prolonged hours of sitting and working. Because of these unaccustomed working environments and conditions, many find themselves suffering from debilitating physical problems such as headaches/ migraines, vision problems, neck, shoulder, jaw, knees, hips, upper, and lower back pain. These ailments can cause many to suffer from physical and mental discomfort, leading to reduced productivity in their work. An unproductive worker can be detrimental to a company’s overall performance which can ultimately determine the success or failure of their workplace.

Fixing these issues is not as easy as simply sitting up straight or making changes to your working environment. In my years of practice, I have found that in almost all cases, acupuncture along with proper manual therapy are the most effective natural treatments, proven to be beneficial in reducing pain and restoring correct practices.

Meet John Kim, a Postural Neurologist

My name is John Kim and I am a licensed acupuncturist since 2000. One of my treatment specialties deals with help correcting and relieving postural issues using acupuncture and its accompanying modalities. I am certified by the world-renowned American Posture Institute as a postural neurologist and have successfully treated many patients suffering from pain as a result of poor posture due to working at an improper work station/ desk. Acupuncture along with other treatments such as cupping, Tui- na, electro- acupuncture, and/or auricular acupuncture have been proven to be effective in alleviating many physical and neurological symptoms associated with poor posture.

After many years of seeing patients with posture disorders, I have finally developed an effective treatment system to help alleviate these symptoms quickly with long lasting relief! My goal with each treatment is to specifically target the root cause of the problem, rather than the symptoms. I want to help you feel at your best while you work! Call today to get the relief you deserve!

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