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What is Electro Acupuncture and how can it benefit me?

Electro Acupuncture

Our bodies are mostly made up of electron (negative) and proton (positive) electricity. It is due to these charges that help us move our body with ease and helps us function at an optimal level. Unfortunately, our bodies are not electrically balanced due to modern technology and our heavy reliance to them on a daily basis. Rather than having an equal balance/ amounts of electrons and protons in our body, we are deficient in electron particles. Because we do not have enough electrons, many are now experiencing health disorders such as pain, stress, headaches, sleep problems, and many other internal disorders that cause the human body to become more easily ill.

Fast Relief Acupuncture has the solution to this new epidemic! With the combination of the traditional technique of acupuncture along with the modern approach of using a electronic stimulator, not only can we now balance the electron- proton levels of the body but also elicit the body to start healing itself! By administering the proper frequency along with the correct time of treatment, the human body will can produce natural ‘medicine’ within itself to promote proper healing.

The procedure is painless and relaxing but importantly, very effective in healing the body!

John Kim, L.Ac. of Fast Relief Acupuncture has completed his education of electro acupuncture through the prestigious Electro Acupuncture Medicine (EAM) courses.

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