About John Kim & Fast Relief Acupuncture

Tired of being in pain? Tired of going through conventional and alternative medical treatments with minimal results and unrealistic treatment plans? Are you just simply tired of trying everything to get better but just can’t?

My name is John Kim, a licensed acupuncturist in the great state of NJ and NY. Since 2000, I have worked, learned, and honed my skills in search of providing the most effective acupuncture treatments in providing pain relief.  I am proud to introduce Fast Relief Acupuncture, a combination of modern sports medicine techniques that help with not only pain relief but also provide faster recovery from injuries along with increased athletic performance!

Unlike many health practitioners who view and approach healing the body as a segmental unit (viewing the body as a singular unit), Fast Relief Acupuncture takes the perspective of that every aspect of the body is interconnected to one another. These connections can only be the root cause of many physical problems but they are also considered to be the healing source of problems. In a perfectly healthy body without any pain, the whole body is straight without any misalignments. When these problems occur, one area of the body can be the cause of pain at another distant part of the body.  For example, someone with a right jaw problem can also have misaligned or ‘pinched’ sensation of the left lower back or at their left hip.

These misalignments, though, can be easily fixed! By locating the precise area of the problem, the Fast Relief Acupuncture method, utilized as the primary choice of athletic recovery in many international sporting competitions such as the Olympic games, can properly restore balance to your body to not only relieve pain but also improve your overall movements, flexibility, and athletic performance! The unique combination of acupuncture, electro- acupuncture, Energy Muscle Technique (EMT), balance taping, and many more can help you attain the relief you deserve!

Credentials and Certifications:

  • Korean Sports Medicine Certificate- 2017
  • Electro- Acupuncture Medicine Foundation & Advanced- 2017 & 2018
  • FIFA Doctor Diploma- 2018
  • Certified Postural Neurologist from American Posture Institute- 2017
  • Completed Exstore program- 2017
  • Licensed in state of NJ 2012 to current
  • Licensed in state of NY 2006 to current
  • Licensed in state of CA 2000- 2006
  • Graduated from Dongguk Royal University in 2000
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