A Comfortable Workspace Equals a Healthier Life

When working from home or completing schoolwork, we may not realize that the aesthetic of our surroundings is important. Taking the time to focus on our body’s mental and physical needs when sitting at a desk can transform aches and pains into seamless productivity.

Fast Relief Acupuncture has compiled several ways in which you can create the most comfortable workspace to boost your overall well-being.

1.    The right chair at the right height

When working, especially from home, it is important to select a comfortable, yet versatile chair that enables your body to perform at its highest potential. An adjustable chair is among the best selections due to the ability to move the seat and the arm rests. When seated at a desk, your feet should be flat on the floor with knees bent at a 90-degree angle. This will take added pressure from your back and distribute weight evenly on both sides of your body. Your elbows, when typing or using the mouse, should also form a 90-degree angle for best comfortability, decreasing stress on the wrist bones and forearms. If a proper desk chair is not available, using a firm pillow behind your back can add extra comfort and stability.

2.    Have a cool space, temperature wise and aesthetically

To make the most out of a workday, employees need to feel relaxed- not too hot and not too cold. The office space should be a cool, yet comfortable temperature. When becoming overheated or chilled, our brains tend to focus on how uncomfortable we feel. To stay fully focused, we must pay attention to the specific needs of various body parts, including the hands. Adding a small fan beside the keyboard is an added benefit to keep your hands from becoming sweaty and slippery. Comfortable and cool. Now that’s a workspace!

3.    Drink lots of water

When focused on work, we often forget to hydrate or we have quick, on-the-go drinks such as coffee, soda, or energy drinks. We think these caffeinated beverages help to motivate us when they are causing sugar crashes and ultimately depleting our energy. Water is a fantastic way to feel healthier by providing a rise in focus, alertness, energy and of course, hydration! A great way to keep water cold while working is by filling up a galvanized canteen.

4.    Also, purchase a plant

Work is stressful, however, studies have shown that plants reduce feelings of stress and anxiety! Masahin Toyoda, a graduate of Landscape Design and Management, conducted a study in 2017 which concluded that being near a plant in the workplace daily can reduce mental and physical stress! Being able to physically care for a plant can divert attention from stressful situations, enabling workers to regain composure and release negative emotions.

While these tips lead to a more enjoyable workspace and a healthier lifestyle, the addition of acupuncture can further the positive benefits received during work and in your personal life.


John Kim

John Kim, owner of Fast Relief Acupuncture, is a posture and natural pain management specialist, treating countless working professionals from across the state of New Jersey. With his personalized, unique treatment plans, you can further alleviate aches and pains, reduce stress, and boost a healthier lifestyle. While also implementing proper equipment and techniques when working in your office or home, acupuncture can aid in relieving a multitude of symptoms related to office work to include, headaches, neck and back pain, knee injuries, hand pains and mental health issues. Let Fast Relief Acupuncture help you to restore correct workplace practices by utilizing all natural, cost effective treatments!

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