Fast Relief Acupuncture Utilizes ACP Recommended Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Fast Relief Acupuncture specializes in what the American College of Physicians (ACP) is calling “recommended, evidence-based, non- invasive treatment” for lower back pain. An article, published by the ACP, outlines conclusions formed by clinical studies which aimed to discover the best treatment options for acute, subacute and chronic lower back pain. The study results state that the ACP recommends non-invasive treatments, such as acupuncture, over commonly prescribed or over-the-counter medications to treat lower back pain.

Acupuncture was found to be a key alternative treatment to heal lower back ailments.

Following closely with the physician recommended guidelines, Fast Relief Acupuncture indulges in natural treatments for lower back pain healing, rather than those that provide temporary pain relief.

Lower Back Pain Effects Many

The American College of Physicians study states that approximately 25% of United States adults suffer from a type of lower back pain or injury at least once a day. A large portion of these patients turn to over-the-counter or prescribed medications, such as Acetaminophen or opioids, to relieve their aches and pains. Instead of providing long-lasting results, pain medications are temporary remedies that burn a hole in the buyer’s pocket and can be detrimental to one’s health.

According to the ACP, Acetaminophen and/ or opioids are not effective treatment measures to reduce or eliminate lower back pain over time.

Big pharmaceuticals are making money from temporary treatments. Natural treatments, however, induce long-lasting pain relief with the goal of healing.

How Does Acupuncture Help Lower Back Pain?

Acupuncturists at Fast Relief Acupuncture are top-notch specialists who are bringing highly innovative, natural treatments to patients in Northern New Jersey. Fast Relief Acupuncture specializes in treatment of lower back pain, enabling patients to experience pain relief and healing. Our specialists have learned and are continually developing and implementing new ways to naturally heal the body.

​Natural treatments, like acupuncture, have become the most recommend way to relieve pain quickly and effectively.

​Combined with other non-invasive treatments, such as the application of heat and taking herbal medicines, acupuncture can provide an ultimate overall treatment for lower back pain ailments and injuries.

How Can I Get Started?

A simple phone call to our office will start you on the road to healing your lower back pain. Set up an appointment today to speak with an acupuncture specialist who will tune in to your personal needs and create a plan for relief. Join the movement toward natural treatment at New Jersey’s premier acupuncture office.

Get on the fast track to pain relief by visiting Fast Relief Acupuncture today!

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