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May 25, 2022

What is Dry-Eye Disease

Dry-eye disease is a common condition when the eyes are not lubricated. Typically, dry-eye disease is caused by reduced tear production or excessive tear evaporation. This imbalance can lead to inflammation or even damage.

A healthy tear film is lubricated, clear, and smooth in texture. Fatty oils, aqueous fluid, and mucus comprise the layers of a healthy tear film. While various causes can disrupt the tear film, the most typical reasons are inflammation, allergy, autoimmune diseases, and hormone changes.


Common causes of dry eyes include:

  • Aging,
  • Medical conditions such as Sjogren's syndrome, arthritis, scleroderma, lupus, sarcoidosis, vitamin deficiencies, and thyroid disorders),
  • Medications,
  • Corneal nerve insensitivity,
  • Glenn dysfunction,
  • Insufficient blinking,
  • Allergies, and
  • Environmental conditions.

Women, contact lens wearers, and those with an imbalanced diet are particularly susceptible to dry-eye disease. In addition, excessive exposure and improper computer screen placement (above eye level) can negatively impact the condition.

Symptoms and treatment for dry eyes

Typical dry-eye symptoms include

  • Stinging
  • Burning
  • Excessive mucus,
  • Light sensitivity,
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye redness
  • High fatigue/pain
  • Watery eyes (body's response to irritation)

Excessive symptoms happen due to consistent exposure to forced air, air conditioning, wind, or computer screen usage.

Treatment typically entails lifestyle changes, medication, and eyedrops. Common lifestyle changes will require monitoring humidity, protective eyewear, avoiding eyestrain/smoking, and artificial tears. Consult your doctor if you have continuing or excessive symptoms to prevent long-term damage. Your doctor will perform a comprehensive eye exam, measure your tears' volume/quality, and check the pH levels.

How can acupuncture help?

Alternative medicine can provide great insight into treating dry-eye disease. By improving blood circulation, acupuncture normalizes fluid balance and improves organ function. This process will assist with unclogging the oil glands and, in that way, liberate tear production. In addition, through endorphin release, acupuncture relieves pain and any discomfort. Many patients report considerable improvement and relief after just a few acupuncture sessions. Given the enormous benefits, risks are few in between. To ensure a safe environment and maximize benefits, it is essential to find a qualified and experienced acupuncturist.

Find the best acupuncture treatments

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My Name is John Kim

I have been a licensed acupuncturist since 2000. When I first started my acupuncture career, my primary goal as a practitioner was to help people anguishing from living with pain everyday of their lives. I have seen on numerous occasions what chronic pain can do to a person physically but also seen how it can debilitate a person’s psyche as well.

Throughout the years, I have studied, developed and incorporated a very unique treatment protocol that has successfully treated and effectively reduced pain levels on chronic pain patients. I have combined traditional methods of acupuncture along with modern, research proven techniques to help reduce chronic pain symptoms in a safe, non- chemically addictive, and effective process.

If you have any of the following:
•    Headache/ Migraine
•    Arthritis/ Stenosis
•    Nerve pain
•    Neck/Back pain
•    Fibromyalgia pain

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