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Gaming is an art that requires attention to detail, swift, skilled movements, and dedication. Beyond the basic skills needed, gaming also often demands unnatural, repetitive stimulation of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the hand. As gaming skills need to be polished over time, the same goes for the strengthening of these body parts most often used for video gaming.

What is Gamer’s Thumb?

Gamer’s thumb, also scientifically known as De Quervain’s Syndrome, is caused when the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the hand are subjected to repetitive motions most often associated with gaming or texting.

The overuse of thumb related body parts, including tissue, can trigger severe inflammation, causing pain, snapping noises and even immobilization.

The Anatomy of the Thumb

The below picture represents exact locations of where gamers can experience mild to severe symptoms of Gamer’s Thumb.

Text Thumb feature

The major tendon effected runs along the outside of the hand and toward the thumb. There is a membrane attached to the tendon that works as a cushion, separating the tendon and the bone so that all moving parts slide smoothly and painlessly.

When the tendon becomes overworked due to repetitive actions, the tissue membrane becomes inflamed. Inflammation in the membrane will disrupt the thumb, hand, and wrist’s normal functions, causing pain, swelling and the inability to move.

How can Gamer’s Thumb be treated?

The most popular method of treatment is pharmaceutical medications. As medicine has advanced throughout the years, so has the ability to treat injuries, such as Gamer’s Thumb, with anti-inflammatory chemical medications or even with surgery. Although symptom relief can be temporarily achieved via this route, unwanted and even serious side-effects can develop through long-term consumption. Medical researchers warn of stomach, kidney and liver issues potentially developing if medications are over-used.

On the other hand, surgery (although often used as a last resort) can also cause unwanted side-effects such as the inability to perform tasks that were previously completed, even gaming.

Fast Relief Acupuncture has worked hard to master a new revelation for long-term, natural treatment and prevention of Gamer’s Thumb – Acupuncture. 

Being one of the most natural and safest therapies in the world, Acupuncture has soared to the top of the list of physicians recommended treatments.

Acupuncture Works to Treat and Prevent.

John Kim, owner of Fast Relief Acupuncture, has become an expert in treating Gamer’s Thumb. His knowledge and experience in the Acupuncture filed enables him to provide unique treatment that performs at the highest level of care among his colleagues in New Jersey. During and after his acupuncture appointments, patients are provided with professional service and advice that will work beyond the walls of the office.

Fast Relief Acupuncture treatments aim to produce long-term healing or prevention tendencies. Our therapies differ with each case presented; however, we supply an umbrella of methods to include, needling, electro-acupuncture, acu-massage, heat therapy and more. Each of these methods work to reduce inflammation, abolish pain, and increase movement by regulating bodily functions and naturally targeting the root cause of the injury. As the body regulates, moving parts can strengthen, minimalizing unwanted response to injury for complete and total healing.

Our treatments are nearly painless and have almost no side-effects, except feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated!

Gamers, if painful symptoms have been keeping you from doing what you love, visit Fast Relief Acupuncture to get you back into the game today!


My Name is John Kim

I have been a licensed acupuncturist since 2000. When I first started my acupuncture career, my primary goal as a practitioner was to help people anguishing from living with pain everyday of their lives. I have seen on numerous occasions what chronic pain can do to a person physically but also seen how it can debilitate a person’s psyche as well.

Throughout the years, I have studied, developed and incorporated a very unique treatment protocol that has successfully treated and effectively reduced pain levels on chronic pain patients. I have combined traditional methods of acupuncture along with modern, research proven techniques to help reduce chronic pain symptoms in a safe, non- chemically addictive, and effective process.

If you have any of the following:

  • Headache/ Migraine
  • Arthritis/ Stenosis
  • Nerve pain
  • Neck/Back pain
  • Fibromyalgia pain
  • Allergies
  • TMJ
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Scar Tissue
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do not hesitate and contact me!

I am here to help you to feel your very best!

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