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How Your Legs Can Help Your Immune System

In today’s current state of the pandemic, many people are worried if their body’s immune system is strong enough resist any viral infections. While there are many things that can be done to increase one’s immune system (click here for more information), there is one specific point that can not only help with your immune system but does many other wonderful things to help maintain the body to be healthy. Let’s further examine on how this point can help the body.

The point is located approximately 3 inches below the knee cap, towards the meaty portion of the shin. Traditionally, this point in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine was used to increase person’s energy, promote good appetite and digestion, and to calm a person’s mind. This acupuncture point is commonly used in many acupuncture treatment protocols for what it can positively do the body.

Recent research has confirmed that stimulating this point actually releases anti- stress hormones into the body to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The study confirmed that there is pathway within the brain that is involved in the production of the stress hormone cortisol and targeted by some anti-anxiety and anti- depressants drugs (click here for more information).

Another recent research on this acupuncture point has shown promise by how it positively it affects the immune system. One research shows that it can help control the inflammation caused by sepsis (a life threatening complication of infection). According to the study, the reason for antisepsis “might include reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, improving microcirculatory disturbance, and maintaining the immune balance mediated by dopamine.” (click here for more information).

Fast Relief Acupuncture is currently using a very innovative technique on modulating and strengthening the immune system. By using proper frequencies of electric stimulation on this point, it can help combat viral and bacterial attacks on the human tissue while preserving healthy tissues and strengthening the immune system within the body. It can also reduce cytokine storm (immune system gone haywire and attacking pathogens and healthy tissues) which is commonly found in viral respiratory infections. The procedure is safe, beneficial to your health, and painless. Contact Fast Relief Acupuncture today to set up your appointment to help your immune system!

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