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As you’re probably aware, acupuncture has been growing to be more mainstream as studies continue to be conducted that show its many benefits. However, what you may not have heard of is a growing segment called ‘sports acupuncture’. This has been gaining popularity amongst both professional and non-professional athletes alike due to the wide range of healing capabilities and its effectiveness in treating common sports conditions.

Organizing a list of the top five benefits and conditions sports acupuncture treats is an excellent way to better educate you on the subject overall and to see if you too can find the relief you’ve been looking for through Sports Acupuncture.

  • 1
    Acupuncture for General Muscle Relief & Pain

If you have a regularly sore back or neck, or experience muscle pain from time to time, acupuncture is a fabulous healing method. Using acupuncture, the insertion of needles into specific areas, releases both endorphins and helps to improve circulation. The release of endorphins helps to relieve the pain itself, while the increased circulation increases blood blow and oxygen to the injection site. This promotes healing and the removal of waste and dead blood cells so that healthy new blood can reach the damaged area.

  • 2
    Healing from Sports Injuries - Acute Traumatic 

Acute Traumatic injuries, or injuries caused from a single blow or hit to the body, are common among athletes especially. These vary from torn ligaments, pulled tendons, and sprains. The reason acupuncture is utilized so frequently with these kinds of injuries is due to how much it reduces healing time.

 Seeking out treatment as early as possible is highly recommended. Once treatment is given, the acupuncture can help to reduce swelling dramatically and alleviate pain associated with the injury. Because acupuncture promotes circulation and blood flow to the region, healing time drops so that you can get out on the court or field once more.

  • 3
    Chronic Conditions from Overuse

Chronic Conditions such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, arthritis, sciatica, and tendonitis are amongst the most common conditions treated with sports acupuncture. These are caused by overuse of a particular muscle or muscle group over time. This causes stiffness, pain, and possibly a reduced range of motion. In the same way that acupuncture works to heal acute injuries, the promotion of oxygen and circulation of healthy blood flow to these areas allows the body to remove waste and the dead blood cells found deep within the layers of muscle and tendons where the initial problem resides to help to correct the problem.

  • 4
    Mental Preparedness - Stress & Anxiety 

Both athletes and non-athletes need to be ready to tackle the challenges that each day has for them. Sports acupuncture provides stress relief and promotes better mental health. By allowing the body and muscles to relax, releasing endorphins, and promoting the production of serotonin levels, you will find yourself less stressed, anxious, and overall more mentally sound.

  • 5
    Taking Preventative Measures

Lastly, sports acupuncture is a great pro-active approach to taking preventative measures. This means in terms of preventing injuries by using acupuncture in key areas such as the lower back, hips, legs, and wherever injuries would be most frequent. It increases flexibility in muscles and decreases the amount of stress placed on the joints to reduce the likelihood of a sprain or tear. Another way that acupuncture is preventative is due to its effectiveness in improving the immune system. If the body is healthier overall, the chances of getting sick are reduced, and the ability to heal becomes much better.


My Name is John Kim

I have been a licensed acupuncturist since 2000. When I first started my acupuncture career, my primary goal as a practitioner was to help people anguishing from living with pain everyday of their lives. I have seen on numerous occasions what chronic pain can do to a person physically but also seen how it can debilitate a person’s psyche as well.

Throughout the years, I have studied, developed and incorporated a very unique treatment protocol that has successfully treated and effectively reduced pain levels on chronic pain patients. I have combined traditional methods of acupuncture along with modern, research proven techniques to help reduce chronic pain symptoms in a safe, non- chemically addictive, and effective process.

If you have any of the following:

  • Headache/ Migraine
  • Arthritis/ Stenosis
  • Nerve pain
  • Neck/Back pain
  • Fibromyalgia pain
  • Allergies
  • TMJ
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Scar Tissue
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do not hesitate and contact me!

I am here to help you to feel your very best!


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