What is Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD), and How Can Acupuncture Help?

What is TMD?

Temporomandibular disorder is characterized by excessive pressure in the jaw muscles or the TMJ (joint within).

Aside from trauma, impact, or degeneration, the leading causes of TMD are stress and jaw clenching. Warning signs of TMD include grinding of the teeth, excessive cartilage movement in the area surrounding the joint, arthritis, headaches, dizziness, hearing problems, and stress that can cause teeth clenching.

Symptoms and Treatment

Symptoms of TMD are pain and discomfort. The effect can be temporary or lasting on one or both sides of the face. TMD is most common among women between the ages of 20 and 40. Pain can manifest in the face, jaw, neck, shoulders, and ears or when opening and closing the mouth. As the face swells, chewing can become uncomfortable. In more severe instances, the jaw can lock in place (dislocate), and the individual may be unable to close and open the mouth.

Typical home remedies that relieve TMD symptoms include over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, heat/cold packs, face yoga, and a soft diet. In addition, doctors recommend avoiding excessive jaw movements such as yawning or yelling. Finally, any activities that promote facial relaxation are helpful.

A typical diagnosis requires the doctor to check the joints for pain and listen for clicking or grinding sounds. Doctors also test the bite and any problems in the facial muscles. Typically a dentist will take x-rays to exclude other potential problems. TMD patients will get referred to an oral surgeon in most extreme cases.

Can acupuncture alleviate TMD?

Since relaxation is the perfect treatment for TMD, acupuncture is ideal. In addition, acupuncture is a safe and effective technique for treating TMD. Through direct stimulation of the nerves, acupuncture eases pain increasing regenerative blood flow and endorphins to the affected areas and the brain. When the endorphins and neurotransmitters are released, pain perception lessens.

For more information on how acupuncture can benefit your jaw and teeth grinding, and ease eating discomfort, contact Fast Relief Acupuncture today.


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Throughout the years, I have studied, developed and incorporated a very unique treatment protocol that has successfully treated and effectively reduced pain levels on chronic pain patients. I have combined traditional methods of acupuncture along with modern, research proven techniques to help reduce chronic pain symptoms in a safe, non- chemically addictive, and effective process.

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